Apple's iPad launch blighted in the UK

The glorious launch of Apple’s latest iPad toy is about to go tits up because Jobs’ Mob can not get enough of the gear into the country.

Apple traditionally never has enough gear to sell for longer than five minutes on launch night, but this time it looks like something has gone seriously pear shaped.

According to the Guardian Jobs Mob named May 28 as the launch date in the UK. The price of the beast was supposed to be £429 for the basic version with the top of the range 64GB device with both wi-fi and 3G network access costing £699.

It opened up pre-orders on May 10 and then everything clearly went wrong. iPad owners visiting its website over the weekend were being warned that if they ordered an iPad now it would ship “by June 7th” which is more than a month after the launch date and makes the possibility of long queues outside the Apple shops an impossibility.

Apple fanbois claim that the Jobs’ Mob ran out of its initial supply of devices in just three days, with pre-orders being far higher than the company originally forecast.

Apple has already delayed the launch of the iFad in the UK once. This was caused by the fact that all the gizmos had to to cope with US demand. Apparently even Jobs Mob did not expect to shift more than a million of them in one month.

There is also concern that shipments of the iPad could be further delayed if the cloud of ash spewing from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland causes further disruption to international flights. 

So with Vulcan’s divine wrath saying no, one has to question if it is a good idea to bring the iFad to Blighty after all.