Apple woos AT&T for Etch-a-Sketch tablet

It seems that Apple isn’t going to just rely on one carrier for its tablet, according to the latest rumours on the over-rumoured device.

Fox News claimed yesterday to have talked to “sources” at both AT&T and Verizon and both appear to think that Apple will use their network for the thing.

Etch a SketchBut, according to the report, the details aren’t yet done and dusted and that could mean that at the launch Apple will have nothing to say about the backbone.

The device will support both CDMA and GSM networks, apparently.

It may not matter so much if the carrier, or carriers, remain undeclared at the launch because other reports suggest it will be quite some time before the device hits the streets.

Honestly, we’re looking forward to the 28th of January here at TechEye – like Tom Foremski said earlier today, it’s all getting a little wearing.