Apple will replace flaming iPods

Peddler of broken dreams, Apple has agreed to replace any of the Japanese iPods which have overheated and caught fire.

Jobs’ Mob was in deep do do in the Land of the Rising Sun after there were shedloads of complaints about the iPod Nano overheating. The Japanese government was understood to be telling Apple to take steps to stop the Nano’s spontaneous combustion.

Apple dashed off a letter to Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency and the country’s trade ministry to explain “additional safety measures”.

There have been six incidents involving the 2005 model Nano catching fire while being charged.

In 2008, the government said there were at least three fires linked to the music players because of malfunctioning batteries.

Apple insisted that there were “very few” such reports and no problems with other nano models.

Initially Apple was so tight that it only would replace the battery if the beast over heated. This would be particularly unfair if the entire Nano had melted as just replacing the battery would be pointless.

Given that it thought that there were only a few complaints, because that version of the Nano is long out of date, it could not have thought that the problem would have cost it anything.

According to Bloomberg it has now updated its Japanese website yesterday by saying it will replace the entire unit. Clearly it does not think it will have to pay out for many.

To make it particularly difficult for Nano users to get a replacement, Apple has said that the device has to show some sign of overheating.

We guess that means that to be really certain it would have to catch fire before you take it to the shop.