Apple wants to build an iYacht

Not only do its customers have more money than sense, it seems that Apple has finally gone the same way.

Cupertino, which has clearly too much cash on hand, wants to waste loads of it on a designer yacht. According to the Sydney Morning Herald,  world-famous French designer Philippe Starck told a French radio station that he’s working on a “revolutionary” secret Apple project.

Apparently Jobs commissioned Starck to design a “sleek and minimalist” yacht with 40-foot-long glass walls.

Apple is not saying anything about the iYacht which was tipped to have been designed by Jobs with Starck.

Starck said that he could not comment because of Apple’s legendary cult of secrecy, which means that the company must have something to do with the project.

It is not clear if it was designed for Jobs, or Apple. The French newspaper Le Figaro reported that Starck is planning on staying in touch with Jobs’ widow Laurene about the ship.

The question is what on earth Apple would do with a designer yacht. It would be out of the price range of practically all of its target market. If they queued for one, they would probably drown.