Apple user claims iMacs ruined his eyesight

Writing in his blog, long time Apple user Jake Wallis Simons made the extraordinary statement that using Apple iMacs over the years has ruined his eyesight.

He said this was a bigger problem than Apple Maps, which seems to be concealed by a conspiracy of silence. Simons uses a 2008 vintage iMac because any Apple product post-2008 hurts his eyes after about an hour of use, he said.

He also complains of nausea, dizziness, a cramping sensation in his eyes, and occasionally, shooting pain.

His theory is that Apple’s ultra-bright LED displays are screwing up his eyes and it might be that LED screens, or certain components inside them, have something to do with it.

Simons said that it might be a problem that PCs have too, but he does not know because he is an Apple fanboy.

To back up his claim he cites his brother-in-law and the Apple genius who fixed his aged, computer who both said they have had the same problem for years.

The workaround he developed is to turn the brightness down on his screen until it is barely visible, and using an anti-glare protector.

He admits that this is the sum total of his evidence, but claims that there might be a “twilight army of people out there have been suffering in silence for too long”. In his innocence Simons actually expects Apple to do something about it.

Unfortunately the post has just angered the fanboy community which has rushed to attack him for making up lies about their beloved products.

Few say that the Apple screens don’t harm their eyes. They just wade into Simons for not having any proof and libelling their favourite toy maker. After all there are all sorts of reasons why an Apple user might go blind or have hairy palms.

One of the fanboys even waded into Simons’ grammar and writing ability, which, given that the poster has not had any books or articles published, is a bit on the nose. We wonder how he could see anything wrong with what had been written.