Apple unveils iPad UK release dates

After a series of delays that have angered UK consumers Apple has finally announced a UK release date for the iPad.

Apple’s tablet will be available in the UK on Friday the 28th of May. It will also be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and Switzerland on the same date.

A pre-order option will be available online from Monday the 10th of May.

Apple will be offering six models: a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with the same again in 3G versions. The prices Apple is suggesting will be £429, £499, £599, £529, £599,  and £699 including VAT respectively.

The release date has been the subject of a bit of controversy of late as the UK launch was forced into a series of delays. Speculation over the high demand for the iPad overseas led to Apple enthusiasts fearing the release date being pushed back yet again.

Given the level of frustration that has been aired so far it seems apparent that a lot of people are wanting to get their greasy hands on the device, but it’s not clear how well it will fair in the sales department compared to the American market.

Americans are already buying and selling the iPad on eBay due to the high demand. If not enough numbers are supplied to the UK for its May release consumers there may face a similar situation. Then again Apple is no stranger to clever PR and slowly leaking its devices into the market.

Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sinapore will have to wait until July before the iPad is released there.