Apple TV jailbroken already

The Apple TV 2G has already been jailbroken today, the day of its official release, causing yet another headache for Steve Jobs, who has been very outspoken against jailbreaking his devices.

An individual going by the name Musclenerd revealed that he managed to jailbreak the new Apple TV, which uses iOS, utilising the SHAtter exploit loading on the Pwnage Tool, a technique previously used to jailbreak iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

The iPhone Dev Team, which is responsible for a number of jailbreaks of Apple devices, has also confirmed the jailbreak of the Apple TV.

Musclenerd revealed that he was not sure how to run apps on the jailbroken device yet, but it’s only a matter of time before this issue is addressed and jailbroken apps are made available. 

While the Apple TV is technically capable of running apps, since it has both the required technical specifications and the same operating system as other Apple devices, the problem is adapting them to the format of TV, which involves a significantly larger screen of potentially different sizes.

The news is sure to irritate Jobs, who considers jailbreaking immoral and aiding criminals. Jailbreaking was found to be legal by a US court, but that doesn’t stop Apple from bricking jailbroken phones with forced updates.

Earlier this month the latest version of iOS, 4.1, was jailbroken days befores its release by the iPhone Dev Team. The consistent jailbreaks before offcial releases show that the hackers are unconcerned about Jobs’ threats and will continue to jailbreak Apple devices for some time to come.