Apple treats unwelcome visitor with extreme prejudice

A California Apple Store was the centre of an early morning drama today, where a burglar lost his life after a ram-raiding attempt was bungled.

Three people, two men and a woman, smashed the Chula Vista store’s front windows some time before 7am today. Reports say Apple’s store manager was inside the building. A nearby security guard spotted and confronted the three before, he alleges, one produced a handgun.

Shots were exchanged until the burglars fled in a car, but the driver, who had been shot, crashed and lost his life.

The other two were found hiding in a patio nearby an hour later.

Signs On San Diego claims local schools were shut down on the safe side but since have opened their doors. Police are investigating.

So far, two guns have been found – one on the dead getaway driver and the other on the man who was arrested. 

Gung-ho firearms enthusiast and TechEye’s friend at I4U, Robert Evans, tells us it’s not that difficult to be a mall-dwelling gun-for-hire. 

“Since 2004, when AB 2880 was enacted into law, a guard needs to have California guard card with 40 hours of training in the first year, and 8 hours of training annually to renew,” he tells us.

“More hours are needed to qualify for a firearm and baton. Here are details on getting your guard card but here is a site that offers the guard card within 7 days. And here is the state security guard’s manual.

“To qualify with a firearm, the officer must take an 8 hour course. I’ve taken the same thing. It consists of sitting in a room for eight hours, hearing about legal self defense cases and going over various scenarios.

“There’s a brief shooting test to qualify. Anyone with a modicum of firearms experience can pass it. Regular training is not necessary, as long as you don’t flinch like crazy and have the physical strength required to keep a handgun steady. It’s pretty much a basic motor skills test.”