Apple to warn that iPod catches fire

The peddler of broken dreams, Apple, is to bow to the will of the Land of the Rising Sun and post warnings on its website that its iPods might catch fire.

According to the Japanese media Jobs’ Mob its going to improve website warnings over its first-generation iPod Nano music player after incidents of it overheating and catching fire.

We guess it has no problems with this as Apple fanboys should have binned their old iPods and paid money for a new iPod years ago.

It is not clear what the warning will say. If it is truthful it will be something like “if you do not upgrade your iPod within a year, like Steve Jobs tells you, it will self destruct”.

But the warning is more likely to say “in a small number of cases, the first generation iPod has a feature which will allow it to catch fire in your pocket. This is perfectly normal but you should be careful about placing it too close to your skin. If you do not appreciate this feature, it would be better to spend a trillion yen to upgrade the product immediately.”

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said the fault usually happened after recharging problems. So far there have been 27 overheating incidents, including six fires, which left four people with minor burns.

Apple has sold about 1.8 million units of the 2005 iPod Nano model in Japan since September 2005.

Apple actually recommends battery replacements but buries the information in its website.