Apple to release iPad on Jobs' Birthday

In a desperate bid  to keep the cult of personality around its dead CEO going, Apple is going to release its next tablet on his birthday.

According to sources within the outfit, it seems that Apple wants to make Steve Jobs’ birthday February 24, a holy festival rival to Christmas.

Spilling the beans are unnamed sources “close to Taiwanese makers in the iPad 3 supply chain” in the Economic Daily News. It is not clear if it will be a product launch or an announcement, but Apple usually announces its products on a Friday.

Apparently Foxconn has told its employees that they will not be able to take more than five days off during the New Year Holiday to make sure that the tablet is out in time for the holy day. We guess it has also asked them not to kill themselves either in honour of the birth of huge profits for the Chinese outfit.

If Apple does try to make Jobs’ birthday a holy festival of product launches it means that loyal Apple followers will be expected to queue around their nearest Apple cathedral, or shop as they are sometimes called. It would be a ritual similar to the Black Rock in Mecca, only when faithful Muslims get to the centre of their pilgrimage they will not be asked for their credit card.

Apple is not saying why it is going down the route of an attempted deification of Jobs. Jobs was recently awarded a Grammy for his contribution to the music industry. We are expecting him to win an Oscar and have his own star on Broadway soon, we guess three wise men will come to see it.