Apple to go touchy feely

While the tame Apple press are churning out rumours and speculation about Jobs’ Mob releasing a 10-inch iSlate PDA in a couple of weeks, apparently there is another bit of kit that is also a candidate for release.

Chinese newspaper, The Commercial Times, suggests Apple has a brand new 22-inch variant of its popular iMac computer which it wants to release to the world.

The report suggests the new kit, which is only a half inch bigger than the current 21.5-inch iMac will be completely different thanks to touchscreen functionality. The panel will be supplied by Taiwan-based Sintek Photronic.

Steve JobsThe Commercial Times has predicted things sort of correctly in the past.  It commented that Apple was building a netbook that would feature a touchscreen display which could have been the iSlate.  But given that Steve Jobs would rather gouge out his own iLiver rather than sell anything as accessible as a netbook this one was unlikely.

Apple is scheduled to host a special invitation-only media event on January 27, at which many believe the toymaker will officially unveil its iSlate tablet device.  Perhaps it will also announce a revised version of its iMac which will allow you to cover the screen with greasy fingerprints too.