Apple tin gets less reliable

Repair outfit RescueCom has been telling the world+dog some surprising things about the reliablity of their favourite brands.

In its Computer Reliability Report of 2011, RescueCom adds up the amount of sales of a laptop and then looks at the numbers of the models which have come through its workshops broken.

In 2009 Apple claimed the top spot and there was much cheering that the outfit’s gear “just worked”. It is has been a perception ever since, even if this latest survey shows that Jobs’ Mob has fallen to number four.

The report shows that increasing numbers of Apple customers are having trouble with their Macs, although they probably do not make a big thing about it. We would have thought the figure would be much higher because Apple users have to take their MacBooks to a special genius who, if it has malware problems, is ordered by the company to deny it.

The Chinese makers of the Thinkpad, Lenovo, has been crowned as the most reliable laptop in the world. We asked our resident expert why this would be and he told us it is because Lenovo used traditional hardware and built the entire laptop from wood. “You can’t really go wrong with wood,” he told us. “You know where you are with wooden DRAM, there are fewer moving parts.” [This is a joke, Ed. They really are more reliable.]

Asus, despite losing market share, was the industry number two for reliability.

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP is having problems staying in the top five in the PC market.

However Samsung, which wasn’t named as a Top 5 vendor at all, has been improving in every survey.

The findings are similar to PC World’s Annual Reliability and Service Report for 2010, which published in December, also showed HP gear being as reliable as an Italian politician.

In that survey Dell was rubbish too, but Apple and Asus were the most reliable with Lenovo somewhere in the middle.