Apple threatens to foist second iPad on the world

Cupertino design house Apple is set to release a second iPad to an eagerly waiting world, according to reports emanating from Ole Taipei.

The device, according to trusted newswire Digitimes, will have a seven inch screen and will be built by Taiwanese ODM Compal. There’s no news about how much the second iFad will cost but it was always on the cards that Apple would roll another one out towards year end.

Nor is there any news about whether you’ll be able to print from this putative iPad – currently you’re restricted to putting the screen on a Xerox photocopier if you want to print anything out, despite the fact that Apple hails the device as the saviour of newspapers.

The report claims that Chimei Innolux will be the lucky winner to supply the seven inch screens using similar tech to the existing gizmo.

However, the world+dog knows that Apple will soon find itself up a creek without a paddle, because numerous Chinese manufacturers have similar devices in the wings that don’t bear the Cupertino logo but come in at way under $100 for the BOM (bill of materials).

Apple was formed on the 1st of April 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne. Steve Jobs is 55.