Apple takes on the Romans

Jobs’ Mob is fighting a decision by the Italian government which will force it to be as nice to its customers as other electronic companies.

The Italian government has threatened to kick Apple out of Italy for failing to tell its fanboys that they get two years free warranty. Apple insists that its customers pay for their second year.

In a bid to fight the Roman tyranny, Apple has ordered its crack team of Minute Men lawyers to cross the Rubicon to fight.

Italy’s antitrust watchdog AGCM has already fined Apple divisions some 900,000 euro for failing to offer the free guarantee, which is obligatory under Italian and European Union law.

But Apple has insisted that this fine is taxation without representation and the Roman tyrany, which is insisting that it be nice to its customers is unfair to fanboys everywhere.

Apple said it had launched a new appeal claiming that the Italians know nothing about their own law and have interpreted it incorrectly.  Apple, on the other hand, knows that Italian law allows it to treat its customers as it likes.

“What have the Romans ever done for us,” an Apple spokesman failed to say.

Apple has introduced a number of measures to address the Italian competition authority concerns, it insists. Other than the one which gives them free two year warranties.

The company said that all it has to do is gives customers the possibility to buy its AppleCare Protection Plan (APP), valid for two or three years, depending on the product.

The AGCM said that the information provided by Apple about an extra guarantee plan encourages customers to buy the APP service without clearly explaining that the company is obliged to offer a two-year free warranty.