Apple takes down screen protectors

Apple is pulling iPhone, iPod, and MacBook screen protectors from its online and retail stores.

According to PC World Jobs’Mob is also refusing to allow anti-glare and privacy screen protection from going on sale.

The move has sparked a lot of speculation in the Mac press which seems a bit bemused as to why Apple has done it.

One idea is that Apple wants to promote the idea that its product’s screens are sturdy enough that they don’t need to be protected.

This is of course daft as Apple’s get dropped and scratched like everthing else, and nothing that Jobs’ Mob has on the market could be defined as “rugged”.

The anti-glare products ban is also strange unless you are expected to use your iPad to shave with or to repel vampires.

Apple users to put on and they end up being returned because fanboys thing they are broken.

Protective screen coverings will still be available through other channels, just not through Apple’s Website or its retail stores.

Probably the best explaination is that Apple is thinking of bringing out its own branded screen protectors which will cost a bomb. It just does not want rivals selling cheaper ones in its own stores.