Apple Tablet to be delayed

The dark satanic rumour mill is churning out a yarn which claims that Apple Messiah Steve Jobs may show off the new iTablet, iSlate or iPad – insert appropriate name –  and then it will not be seen again until June.

Apple Insider   is reporting that after all the delays so far the gizmo does not work. Apparently its 15 seconds use between recharges  and the fact you have to carry it as if it was made out of eggshells has Jobs thinking that it might be worth a bit of a delay.

Shaw Wu with Kaufman Bros, who uses the usual method of telling a companies fortunes by skrying into supply chain sources, thinks that the launch pattern for the tablet could follow that of the original iPhone in 2007, with a January unveiling and final product shipping to consumers six months later.

Wu thinks that the problems with the tablet are minor and to do with battery life and durability.  But he said that it was looking exactly like a big iPod touch.

The rumours suggested that it would be a hybrid between an iPhone/ipod touch and a mac but in terms of software and components, it appears closer to the ipod meaning it is most likely ARM based.

It is supposed to run video, gaming, Web browsing, e-books and the ability to run multiple apps would be enhanced with the much larger screen and of course a price tag that is so large that it can attract small moons into its orbit.  Yeah the $1000 that Apple leaked to the press last week.

The Wall Street Journal earlier this month said that the hardware is expected to ship in March. The device is expected to have a screen sized between 10 inches and 11 inches.

Wu predicts that the beast will run on Wi-Fi  as opposed to 3G, so as to “not further clog” already strained 3G networks.