Apple sued for being a vampire

The magical iPad is like a vampire when it comes to the sunlight, according to a court case which has opened in the US.

Filed in a U.S. District Court in the North District of California last week, the lawsuit accuses Apple of falsely advertising the iPad as a reading device.

According to Apple Insider, the problem is, argue the plaintiffs, that a portable reading device should be able to handle sunlight.

Not only is it impossible to read a magical iPad screen, apparently the multi-touch tablet overheats and turns off too quickly when in the heat.

But Apple’s advertising claims that the using the iPad is ‘just like a reading book’. Since books do not care if you are in the sunlight and they certainly do not overheat, Jobs’ Mob is telling porkies, the court documents allege.

Complaints about overheating of the iPad “have become prevalent across the Internet and within technology circles.” Despite these complaints, it says, Apple has taken no action to warn consumers about use of the iPad outdoors, the complainants say.

“The iPad overheats so quickly under common weather conditions that it does not function for prolonged use either indoors, or in many other warm conditions, for a variety of common uses such as, but not necessarily limited to, an e-reader, e-mail tool, Web browser and/or game/entertainment unit,” it states.

Of course, the plaintiffs, Jacob Baltazar, Claudia Keller and John R. Browning, have filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

The court papers make amusing reading. Apple is accused of numerous misdeeds, including fraud, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive advertising practices, intentional misrepresentation, breach of warranty, and unfair business practices under the Unfair Competition Act.