Apple store 'genius' gets it totally wrong

Steve Jobs’ minions at Apple are said by many to deliver good customer service, however a friend of TechEye’s would beg to differ.

Said friend’s early 2008 Macbook Pro, which suffers from known faults with the shipped Nvidia 8600M chip, had packed in. Apple, after being shouted at by thousands of understandably peeved customers, caved in and said they’d fix the issue for free.

At the Apple store in Brighton’s Churchill Square, the Eye’s friend picked up the Macbook, poked it about, turned it upside down and pressed the P key a lot. He left our friend in the lurch before coming back and saying, after a bout of sucked teeth, something along the lines of:

“Yeah, looks like it’s your logic board.  Gonna have to send it off, and it’s gonna cost you three-hundred-and-sixty-something quid, and I’ve gotta tell you that repairs are currently taking up to two weeks.  I’ve checked, and your laptop’s out of warranty, so you’d have to pay in full for that.”

Our friend got off the floor, stopped laughing, made a swift exit and marched over to Cancom, who apparently went through the same process before confirming it was the suspected fault, and that yes, Apple fix these for free. “The part’s in stock,” the helpful Cancom staff said, “so I can have it done for you possibly by tomorrow.”