Apple still reigns in UK tablet market

If there’s one thing the people of Britain like, it’s binge drinking. But if there is more than one thing, they’re also into tablet computers, at least according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech [sic] and its tablet tracker.

Of course, what this means at the moment is that people enjoy using the iPad. The next nearest competition is from Samsung’s Galaxy range, holding a massive six percent, which is way, way too much Apple’s lawyers will agree. 

What is interesting about the forecast is that the beancounters expect the tablet trend to continue.

Thanks partly due to all the adverts last Christmas, consumer awareness of the luxury devices is at an all time high in the UK. Of the people it asked, the researchers found roughly a third  fancied some sort of tablet next year, but were not sure which brand to go for.

Of course, it’s no surprise Apple’s iPad remains the top dog. Most people on the street will be more aware of the iPad than tablets in general, it was the first to market, caused the tablet boom, and spurred copycats. Apple did not invent the tablet but it did rebrand it and make it desirable.

With others on the ropes thanks to aggressive legal footwork from Apple, it’s tough to see a competitor in plain sight, but perhaps Google will manage something now that it has the hardware weight of Motorola on its side.

Windows 8 should be some kind of spanner in the works if Microsoft does it right.

Earlier this year, we heard how Samsung execs were surprised at the popularity of their devices, despite coming a clear second, because the first generation was only on the market for the sake of being on the market.

Meanwhile, HP pulled its TouchPad from the shelves. At a knock down price on its way out, the device sold like hot cakes and is proof that competition is possible if you can get the price right.