Apple still can't make a white iPhone

The fruity peddler of the broken iPhone 4, Apple apparently cannot come up with the manufacturing smarts to make a white iPhone 4 .

Once heralded for its design genius, Apple has managed to make a complete pig’s ear of the iPhone 4. Not only does it drop calls when you use it in the left hand, but it had a brown screen, security holes and a tendency to crack over time.

In fact if the iPhone 4 had been made by any other company it would have discretely disappeared off the shelves and been replaced by something better by now. Fortunately there are legends of people out there with more money than sense, who have made the faulty phone a success.

But Apple has always managed to make a white version of its products. These are very popular amongst Apple fanboys, but for some reason Jobs’ Mob has been unable to make them this time.

Currently you can buy any colour for the iPhone 4, so long as its black. Jobs said originally that a white version of the phone was coming in July, then it was shifted to the end of the year. Now it seems set to become the Duke Nukem of the mobile world.

Now Apple has said that it would delay release of the white iPhone again, this time until next spring nearly 12 months after the black one hit the shops.

The latest version of the popular handset, the iPhone 4, was released in June, but the white model was delayed first to July, then to the end of the year and now to early next year.

Apple said that it was sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone again. Of course it refused to say why it could not make a white plastic case.

In the past Apple has only said the white model was “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected.”

The dark satanic rumour mill claims that Apple has had trouble with colour matching problems and there is an issue with the device’s backlight.

We think it is more likely that the iPhone 4’s design has some problems with heat which causes the white casing to turn a funny colour. But we are just guessing and since Apple is not saying why, it opens the field to such speculation.