Apple shuts down Galaxy Tab sales

Apple’s campaign against the runaway success of Google’s Android is meeting a policy of appeasement, ironically by Germany.

Jobs’ Mob has not been unable to compete with Android in terms of price or functionality, but has been playing the role of patent troll worldwide in a bid to shut down competition.

Now the Germans are keen to give Apple whatever it wants. Apple has got a German court to issue a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab which prevents Samsung selling the tablet in the EU.

According to Florian Mueller the only place you will be allowed to pick up a Galaxy Tab is in the Netherlands, which is a bit more enlightened than the rest of the EU.

Apple did not have to present much evidence. All it had to do is demand an injunction against Samsung and under German law, the court just rolled over.

Because Germany is part of the EU, the ruling goes beyond its national borders. That means no sales in Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and the rest of the 27 member countries.

The move effectively kills any serious competition Apple had for its iPad in Europe, it will also make it hard for Samsung to keep its prices low because it does not have the economies of scale.

Samsung can appeal, but the injunction stays in place while the court sorts it out. However, Apple is playing a high stakes game now.

This loophole in European law has been known about for some time. It is considered unfair and somewhat stupid to play this card. Samsung and other Apple rivals could also show up in court and demand that Apple is banned from Europe too. In fact we expect this to happen. Even if they do not succeed they will harm tablet sales generally. The only plus side is that they can point out that Jobs’ Mob started it.