Apple shares start to slide

Apple CEO Tim Cook might have to reverse the polarity on the neutron flow of his company’s reality distortion field as it appears that people are realising that the company is over valued.

Shares of Apple slid almost four percent yesterday to a five-month low as investors became more worried about its ability to fend off unprecedented competition and untangle a snarled iPhone 5 supply chain.

According to Reuters, Apple’s slide was more than double the 2.4 percent the day after the US election. Currently you can buy a second hand Apple share for $558. 

Apple has lost 20 percent, or $130 billion of its market value, since September.

Since Jobs took over the company, the share price has risen on the expectation that the company is going to do something ground breaking. However, Apple lately has been recycling its products and not added much that was new. Its rivals have been able to match it, or even out class it. The iPad mini, for example, was released using technology which was much worse than rival products and at a higher price.

Wall Street was worried after Cook ousted veteran mobile software chief Scott Forstall which was seen as the loss of one of the company’s most valuable assets.

Apple also reported that its margins will shrink this quarter as new products have become more expensive to build.

Quarterly results have failed to meet Wall Street’s expectations.

What is a little alarming is that the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street have been sticking all their cash into Apple because it has been one of the few companies which has been making money in tough economic times. So if Apple starts to fall then a lot of pension schemes will go the same way.

Profits at Apple’s rivals, such as Samsung, have been slowed by other areas of their business. In the case of Samsung its TV business has been its albatross.

The company may be able to hold its value, but what is clear, unless it can innovate, Apple’s days of mega share growth are coming to an end.