Apple ready to ditch classic iPod

While the world and its knackered, wheezing, grey old dog wags its tail for the iPhone 5, there is some other news leaking from Apple’s fruity bowl.

If you’re in the market for an iPod shuffle or classic, forget about it. Apple’s ditching the old staple in favour of further promoting its touch screen models.

The dated gadgets will finally see support go out of the window and new users will be forced to purchase more expensive iDevices. Including, of course, mp3 players you can also use as telephones. 

The scoop comes from TUAW. According to TUAW’s sources, the death of the product which revived Apple is imminent. As in, this year imminent. 

Goodbye, then, to the very first successful Apple consumer pocket-gadgets. Off to the knacker’s yard for the product Bob Dylan sold his credibility to sell, and the little device that inspired those silhoutte white headphone adverts. 

Apple will continue to sell the Nano while it phases out the older devices.