Apple puts Samsung on the ropes in Oz

The global patent spat between Apple and one of its nearest competitors in Samsung continues, as Cupertino puts it on the ropes down under about its US Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung has promised Jobs’ Mob that it won’t flog its US version of the latest Galaxy Tab in Australia. It has also said it will hand over three samples of the Australian version, which is supposed to be slightly different, at least one week before it goes on sale. This means Apple has a chance for another pop at the gizmo before it even hits the shelf.

Now, Florian Mueller of FOSS patents says, the battle has spread to nine countries on four continents. He helpfully lists them in his bog, here

It looks like Apple has the upper hand. By allowing Apple this leeway, Samsung appears to be on the defensive. The 10 patents in question for the 10.1 are about the “look and feel” as well as the touchscreen UI for the iPad. If Apple is successful in giving  Samsung two black eyes, the weather forecast for the industry is gloomy.

Apple, its ego well and truly stroked, will have asserted itself in the court’s eyes as the innovator. Despite the tablets knocking about long before Apple took the idea and marketed it to high heaven, it will be a warning shot to scare-off would-be rivals. Cupertino has already fired a few shots in HTC’s direction.

We’re sure there will be more surprises to come in the Apple Samsung spat, but what is for sure is a domino effect, in what’s possibly the highest profile intellectual property case consumer electronics has seen for years.