Apple pulls Steve Jobs action figure

Apple has managed to annoy all those who attempted to send me a Steve Jobs action figure for Christmas.

Earlier we reported how MIC Gadget was selling an incredibly-detailed Steve Jobs action figure for $79.90 which many recommended to me as an effective voodoo-doll.

The desktop-sized Apple CEO featured an oversized head, black shirt/blue jeans outfit. It held up the incredible rubber band powered iPhone 4 which worked just as well as the real thing.

It came with an Apple logo stand and cartoon balloons for writing custom messages such as “Die Farrell, Die”.

Soon afterwards lawyers representing Apple contacted the outfit and ordered the company to cease the manufacturing and sale of the  figure.

Apple said that the figurine violated a California statute prohibiting the use of a person’s likeness in a product without prior authorisation.

You can still find a few dolls on eBay but they are rare and are being sold for more than $2,500 each.

Obviously Jobs’ Mob were not happy with that state of affairs either and have eventually shut down that avenue too.

eBay has since begun to remove other listings, telling sellers that the object for sale “violates a celebrity’s right of publicity.”

One person got a note from eBay that their auction had been removed because Apple had asked them.

We would have thought that the law actually means that every time you use a picture or image of someone famous you have to get their permission first.

If you follow this law it means that every time we use a drawing of Steve Jobs dressed as Moses and carrying a tablet, we are breaking the law. We wonder how the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” starring Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs got on.

We also know that there are shedloads of Steve Jobs “Hope” T-Shirts out there too. We would have thought it would have been better for the Chinese company to tell Jobs’ Mob to go forth and multiply as the law would never stand up to a serious legal challenge.