Apple prices in Britain among the highest in Western Europe

Consumers subscribing to the Apple cult in the UK are getting some of the worst deals in all of Western Europe, according to a survey.

Altough Apple customers generally accept that they’re going to be handing over a lot of money for their iDevices, Britain is one of the countries that draws the short straw.

A survey by price comparison website Idealo revealed that in Western Europe, the UK Apple Store is the most expensive online store – averaging at three percent higher than the others.

Aside from the Scandanavian countries, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, which have the highest VAT rates in the world, British consumers pay roughly £40 more per iMac than the rest of Western Europe.

Overall, the top five cheapest prices for Apple products online in the world are Malaysia, Canada, Hong Kong, USA, and then Singapore. The UK is right down the chart at #31.

The most expensive places to reach for the forbidden fruit in the world are, in order, Brazil, Czech Republic, Thailand, Norway, and Denmark.  Idealo points out that, strangely, GDP doesn’t seem to come into it. The Czech Republic, for example, is where many Europeans go to buy cheap products – so Apple’s pricing doesn’t add up.

The company compared Purchasing Power Parity, as taken from the CIA’s World Factbook, otherwise defined as “the measure most economists prefer when looking at per-capita welfareand when comparing living conditions or use of resources across countries.” Idealo says there is a contradiction with Apple store prices compared to PPP, with countries like Malaysia, Mexico and Indonesia corresponding while the rest seem to completely disregard consumer purchasing power.

The survey seems to suggest Apple’s price plans aren’t straight out of most economist’s textbooks, but rather, Cupertino seems confident that it can get blood from a stone.

Idealo’s full study is available here.