Apple presses ahead with Thunderbolt trademark

A big row is brewing across the pond between Intel and its chum Apple over the Thunderbolt project.

Thunderbolt was mostly developed by Chipzilla with a little bit of help from Jobs mob. But it seems that Apple’s reality distortion field does not allow for others to have invented anything.

It rushed to trademark the Thunderbolt name in the US, which must have given Chipzilla a bit of a heart attack.

However after a few words were shared between the two, Apple apparently agreed to shift all their IP for Thunderbolt to Intel.

Intel’s Senior Manager of Communications, Dave Salvator, supposedly told Bright Side News on May 19, 2011 that Jobs Mob did some of the initial trademark filings” for Thunderbolt but that they have full rights to the trademark.

Well it seems that Intel might want to rethink its friendship with Apple after Patently Apple  found that Apple is continuing its quest to own Thunderbolt.

The outfit was having a snuffle around the files at the US Patent and Trademark Office and found that Apple’s lawyers are still vigorously working their trademark application for Thunderbolt through the system.

Nowhere on the trademark application is any mention of Intel and the date it was filed shows that Apple’s “current owner” is Jobs’ Mob.

It looks like Apple cannot keep itself out of the Patent Courts and that Intel will have to take it to the cleaners to remind the outfit that, reality distortion field aside, it did not invent everything.

Chipzilla must be thinking that with a business partner like Apple, who needs competitors?