Apple plans 27 inch LED display

The maker of expensive machines called Apple is rumoured to be working on a 27-inch LED Cinema display.

The beast will be launched for those with shedloads of cash in June around the same time that Jobs’ Mob will put a new version of the Mac Pro desktop computer into the shops.

Specs for the new Pros are said to include two Xeon 5600 hexacore CPUs from Intel although Apple will also make a single-chip machines based around 2.66Ghz, 2.8Ghz, 2.93Ghz, and 3.33Ghz.

The new 32 nanometer chips have 12MB of L3 cache, and 6 cores with 12 threads for each CPU.

It is all a fairly likely rumour, and judging by the Apple bulletin boards fanboys think the new machines are going to be a cure for cancer.

No word on price yet, of course. However, if you are asking how much they will cost you probably can’t afford one.