Apple pays out for faulty iMac screens

Apple is finally offering a refund to customers with faulty 27-inch iMac screens, plus 15 per cent.

Customers who bought a $2000 model can therefore expect to receive $300 further compensation for their useless cracked, flickering, or tinted screens. According to one of the Apple forums, 230 machines are awaiting replacement of their screens.

Originally the compensation was just given in the UK as there are no more 27-inch panels to repair the iMacs, but the offer is now being made in the US.

Gizmondo reported the 15 per cent bonus refund is “officially for tax and shipping, it’s a flat base rate to cover your return no matter the area you are in. So if you have an 8 per cent sales tax, you may only be pocketing 7 per cent.”

There are also reports that Apple is coming to people’s homes and offices to collect the malfunctioning computers free of charge.

Jobs’ company spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that it’s going to continue to make iMacs “while the company fixed the problems with flickering screens and yellow-tinted displays.”

Tech Eye is waiting for confirmation from an Apple spokesperson.