Apple overeggs the hardware pudding

Cargo-cult Apple has raised a few eyebrows after its marketing team started calling its Time Capsule hard-drives “server grade”.

Last week, Jobs’ Mob released updated 2TB and 3TB versions of the drives which will set you back $299 and $499. Marketing guff which comes with them says that each has a “server-grade hard drive”.

The problem for Apple’s marketing team is that in the world outside its reality distortion field a server needs to meet little things called standards. This is because if you install a hard drive in a server it has to be reliable.

Generally a service must sustain a mean time between failure for at least a million hours. So for Jobs to claim his hard-drive are server grade they have to work for a million hours.

The only problem with the Time Capsule is that it contains a Western Digital Caviar Green model of hard drive with a 64MB cache. In other words it is similar to the previous Time Capsule releases.

Hacks at Hardmac asked Western Digital if its drive was “server grade” and was told that it was the “general public model.” A server grade hard drive costs you more and comes with a longer warranty.

Apple has tried making bizarre claims for its “server grade” hard drives. In fact it said something similar in 2008. Yet for some reason the tame Apple press allows it to get away with it. The attitude appears to be so what?

They have a point. Apple buyers would believe what ever Apple claims about its products and are never going to push their machines to a point where it is a problem.

The Western Digital hard drive is a competent unit so no one will ever know. Any corporation which  wanted to install Time Machines to replace its servers for backups would probably be looking to fire its IT manager anyway.