Apple is a lemon

Fruity peddler of broken dreams Apple is facing a shareholder panic after a consumer watchdog called the iPhone 4 broken.

Apple has been making money hand over fist on the basis that Steve Jobs can consistently come up with brilliant ideas which will be bought by everyone.  

The fact that Apple might ever might make a lemon had never occurred to anyone.Now that Consumer Report is telling the world+dog that it cannot recommend the iPhone 4 because of its connection problems, shares have taken a tumble.

Shares of Apple slid more than four percent on Tuesday after the review came out and news of complaints about the iPhone flaw started to be noticed.

Analysts thought a recall unlikely,  but have hinted that Apple needs need to move quickly to avert longer-term damage.The tame Apple press has been reporting the share crash but has been doing its best to limit the disaster by sprinkling words like “magical”, “hot-selling” and “widely respected brand” in their articles

.However it is difficult to find a rational techie who thinks that the iPhone flaw is a good idea. Apple has called the iPhone 4’s June debut its most successful product launch ever.  It is refusing to comment about the broken phone.  

Jobs claimed it was a “non-issue”.  We guess it is a non-issue for him while people are dumb enough to buy it. One analyst said that while people are lining up in droves to buy this phone there is nothing to recall

In short,  while Apple fanboys are stupid enough to let Jobs penetrate their back pocket selling them broken gear, nothing is going to change.

What is alarming is that if Jobs does fix the phone, then it will not have been a customer revolt telling him to peddle goods that “just work” as promised.  But, rather, it will be a shareholder revolt of people worried that Apple fanboys might wake up to the fact that he has peddled a polished turd with a fruit logo on it.

* Meanwhile, betting company Paddy Power has shortened the odds on whether the iPhone 4 will be recalled from 2/1 to 4/6 – so it’s odds on the device will be recalled. “Complaints about poor reception and a scathing report by an influential consumer guide sparked a betting frenzy over the past 24 hours with hundreds of shrewd punters backing a potential recall with Paddy Power before the bookie had a chance to react,” said Paddy Power. Bookmakers don’t usually lose whatever happens.