Apple iPad 2 seen at CES

In yet another confirmation that the iPad 2 will soon be here, and that Christmas iPad buyers were thoroughly shafted, the second-generation iPad was spotted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Lost Wages this week.

Apple doesn’t really do non-fruity events like CES, so it wasn’t there to tout the tablet itself, but other manufacturers were showcasing the iPad 2 shell, which, on the front, looks fairly similar to the current model, but on the back opts for a nice silver finish instead of white.

iLounge got some snapshots of the device, which comes with the labels “iPad 2” and “128GB”, which it says will be unlikely to appear on the finished product.

Many people are not convinced that this is the real deal, however. Commentors at iLounge suggested it might be a knock-off. A number of Apple fanboys said that Apple would never be so un-innovative as to call it the iPad 2, despite the obvious example of the iPhone 4.

Of course, the model is clearly a mock-up and may be Apple’s attempt to get some feedback and suggestions before it rolls out with the new model, which is widely expected to launch within the first quarter of 2011, making its appearance at CES much more believable. In fact, many believe that Apple was aiming for a Christmas release, but ran into delays.

It is expected that a front-facing camera, mini-USB port and FaceTime will be among the new features of the iPad Tu (the likely much more “innovative” name for the device), while some of the spec will likely double, particularly the RAM. And we can expect a 128GB model if the labels are anything to believe.