Apple iPad 2 is sold out because of the lure of forbidden fruit

Yes, the iPad 2 is sold out in the UK – nay, the world! – but how could that be? Is it that demand is so strong for an iPad 1 with a different processor and some cameras that the Barmy Apple Army has rushed out in its droves to spend all their cash on the planet’s last, precious reserves?

Probably not. 3 and the Carphone Whorehouse, sorry Warehouse are apparently livid about the “shortages”. 

Are there any real shortages though? Are reports of the iPad 2 selling out founded – or is it a message that Apple wants to knock out? 

Apple’s comms and marketing departments are masterful manipulators. We reported recently, quoting a psychologist talking to CNET, of the tactics Apple employs to create an image of a desired item in the subconscious of the consumer. If you can’t get it, you want it. And if there’s not many to get, they sell out quickly. They have to.

If Apple’s public relations team – if you can call it that, because it certainly isn’t very public – was transparent about sales it could paint a different picture altogether. 

We’ve heard reports of ingeniuses in stores over in the States getting orders of only a third of what they expected. In this story we suggest that the iPad 2 could see shortages outside of its flagship Regent St store in London, and it certainly seems to ring true with staff at 3 and the Carphone Warehouse telling TechEye they’re rather annoyed. 

A 3 manager told us he hadn’t the foggiest when iPad 2s would squeeze through the closed gates of the closed garden. Apple Stores had been given priority but they’re on a strict allocation too.

Meanwhile the Carphone Warehouse said that, despite the advertising,it  was not “even on a list yet”. 

But selling out couldn’t possibly have anything to do with an imposed limited supply – it wouldn’t fit with Apple’s must-have brand.  And it’s nothing to do with the dreadful earthquake in Japan either. It’s calculated marketing at its worst.