Apple has an iMac nightmare

Peddlers of broken expensive toys, Apple has a big problem in the UK fixing all the screens on its flagship PC which are broken.

Apple insists only a small number of the 27′ iMacs are faulty. However, according to at least one local Authorised Service Provider/Reseller so many screens are broken in Blighty that there are not enough parts to fix them.

Gizmodo shows that there there are more than 230 computers awaiting the replacement bits and Apple’s parts data base shows no gear other than a bit of fluff and ear wax.

Apple has been issuing statements that delays on new versions of the iMacs are because everyone wants one. At the moment it takes one to three weeks for any ordered machines to arrive.

However,  there are rumours coming from the Far East that say that Apple has actually turned off its production lines while it can find a problem to the amount of defective parts running on the iMac. Apple has denied this.

Memos running around Apple have allowed support staff were permitted to offer refunds, but to blame discolouration on natural colour variance in the display panels. This is not actually true as most other machines do not seem to have this feature. The yellow-tint issue appears to be a “hardware defect”.

One memo has described the yellow tint as “image corruption” but fails to actually mention what the problem is.

Apple has released two firmware updates claimed to fix problems with flickering screens which was one problem with the machines. Apparently this has only limited success.

Fortunately for Apple,  the mainstream press is largely ignoring the problem. Instead they are spending more column inches talking up Jobs’ Mobs’ giant iPad touch release last week. Talk at the rumour mill is that Apple is frantically trying to avoid a product recall.