Apple gear is full of germs

Apple fanboys are at risk from bugs which can be caught from their shiny toys.

A leading Australian expert in infectious diseases claims that people who use iPads and iPhones at Apple stores are risking serious infections.

Professor Peter Collignon called for Apple to do more to maintain hygiene at its Cathedrals of the Jobs’ Cult.

Collingnon is the director of infectious diseases and microbiology at the Australian National University.

He said that recent research that found a higher risk of transmitting pathogens from glass surfaces like iPads to human skin.

While this is less of a problem to owners of the shiny toys who are just likely to use them themselves, Apple has lots of the gizmos on display which are touched by hundreds of people.

Collingon said that you would never think of letting hundreds of people using the same glass or cup, but theoretically if hundreds of people share the same keyboard or touch pad, then effectively that’s what you’re doing.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, he said that the germs we transmit via our hands can frequently have germs that can cause anything from the flu to multi-drug resistant diseases.

The New York Daily News found that, of four iPads swabbed in two Apple stores, two contained harmful pathogens. One contained Staphylococcus aureus, the most common cause of staph infections, while another registered Corynebacterium minutissimum, a bacteria commonly associated with skin rash.

A separate test of a sample of 30 mobile phones, conducted by Britain’s Which? magazine, found that the average handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a the handle on the men’s loo of the Rat and Handgun pub on the troubled Northborough Estate in Slough.

Collignon said Apple and other gadget stores with touchscreen devices on display should make hand hygiene products “more readily available on counters”.  Something which is about 70 per cent alcohol should help, but the staff at Techeye are a little too busy.

Of course it does not seem that Collingnon considers that a plague of germs distributed amongst Apple fanboys is not Darwin’s way of pointing out that they are an evolutionary dead end.