Apple fixes broken MacBook Air

The maker of the broken iPhone 4 has moved to fix an apparently “rare problem” where the MacBook Air boots or wakes up to a black screen or becomes unresponsive.

Apple claims that a “small number of people” had display problems with the redesigned MacBook Air.

The problem appeared on the 11-inch and 13-inch Air and can’t have been all that rare. The first review products had flickering horizontal lines and some displays were discoloured when waking from sleep.

Some of the early adopters of the Air noticed the same problem. Jobs’ Mob confessed publicly that it had been selling dodgy overpriced goods and immediately returned everyone’s money. Nah, not really. Jobs’ Mob refused to admit that there was a problem and legions of fanboys rushed to various Web II sites to say that their Airs were wonderful and there was nothing wrong with them.

Others insisted that the reason that reporters were even talking about errors with the Air was because they couldn’t afford them.

Soon after the new Airs shipped, Apple released a graphics-related update but users moaned that they did not work. Additional fixes were included in Mac OS X 10.6.5 released in mid-November but they did not solve the problems either.

However a leaked internal memo made its way to the Web that showed the company’s support staff were aware of it. This made it much harder for Apple to stick its fingers in its ears and go la, la, la for too long.