Apple fanboys take their iPads into the afterlife

The Apple cargo cult is taking a bizarre spin in the Far East where Apple fanboys are making sure that they get the latest gear even after they are dead.

It is not that the queues outside iCon stores have suddenly be filled by hopping gadget-hungry ghosts, but rather something that people have noticed on graves.

In the East there is a tradition of placing food on graves so that the ghosts of the ancestors can eat. But equally there is also the idea that if you place an image of a physical object on the tomb the ghost somehow gets access to it. For many years the ancestors have been getting the latest model of a car and television sets.

Normally the images are burnt although some are just placed around the grave site.

Now it seems that there has been a flood of images of iPads appearing on the tombs of dead people. The idea appears to be to take the Apple cargo cult into the afterlife.

It is quite scary to think that, if there is an afterlife, that it might be populated with smug gits listening to Coldplay telling you that they are closer to god because they spent too much money on a keyboardless netbook.

It sounds too much like a hell that not even Dante could dream up.  Probably safer to be an  atheist.