Apple fanboys riot in China

Four dedicated followers of Apple are in hospital and a glass door was smashed as a riot broke out in a Beijing Apple store.

According to AP, the riot happened as Apple followers who had left their sense of perspective at home became hysterical as the prospect of selling their souls to buy an iPad 2.

A fight broke out between a fanboy and a foreign Apple store genius. Apparently the foreigner had heard that the fanboy had jumped the queue and not only that, was planning to flog his iPad 2 for an inflated price later.

The foreigner, who knew how Apple handled such heretics, apparently stepped in the crowd and started beating the bloke. However he was pushed back into the store by other fanboys who did not like foreigners telling them what to do. Quite why they were trying to buy Apple gear if they don’t like being told what to do is anyone’s guess.

One of the people who was injured in the brawl was Wang Ming, 30 who was hit by a bottle on the back of his head.

Apple handled the riot by trying to shut the doors to its Cathedral of Delights, but that miffed the rioters even further. After all, they had been queuing for a while and then to be denied access to an iPad because some foreigner had misbehaved was too much. Instead they decided to pull the door off its hinges.

Apparently there is a lucrative market in China where a person will sell their place in the queue outside the store.

Signs outside the Apple Cathedrals in China have declared that the store would have zero tolerance with queue jumpers. So we guess starting a riot by popping into the crowd to administer some extra-judicial justice would be in keeping with that.

PC World has some footage of the riots.