Apple fanboy demands luxury stay for iPhone 5 camping trip

Apple product hysteria shows no sign of abating as firms clamour to have their name associated with one fanboy intent on being first in the iPhone 5 queue.

Accompanying the many devoted and deranged Apple followers, Rob Shoesmith will camp outside the Regents Street store in London armed with gear that he is in the process of cajoling from various brands desperate to have their name associated with the smartphone maker.

And the iPhone 5 experiment, which in other hands could have been the makings of a grand satirical statement on the lunacy of brand devotion, appears to be going rather well for Shoesmith so far.

Amongst the mountain of items that he has already accrued on the back of brands willing to give up valuables all in the hope of being named in the same breath as Apple include a festival camping kit complete with obligatory condom, cutlery, barbeque, bog roll, books, free meals at a local Mexican restaurant and a tent among many other things.

The Apple fanboy, who is not shy of making some grand demands for his stay, is also trying to blag a free night in a top hotel for the first night in London, spa treatment, a limo ride to the store and even another tent to keep all of the gear he is acquiring in.

Shoesmith, a PR exec/binman from Coventry who made the national papers a couple of years ago for a number of apps he produced, appears surprised that so many brands are willing to hand over goods.

“The whole experience so far has been insane,” he says in his blog, “I didn’t think many companies would be interested in this type of thing.”