Apple dumps near field technology

Apple has ditched some natty technology which would allow people to use their phones to make payments.

According to the Independent, Apple has decided not to put the technology into the next iPhone.

Near field technology was seen as the next step in mobile phone and payment technology. Apple’s move is believed to have happened because Jobs’ Mob is not happy with the technology on offer.

However it could be leaving the field wide open to rivals to fill the gap.

After all if you have a choice between two phones. One you can use to pay your bus fare when you are short on cash, and another which guarantees you iFart applications, which one are you going to choose?

However, it seems that this is another one of Apple’s big control freak ideas. Apple is apparently developing its own technology to run contactless payments.

The big idea will be that if you pay for your bus fare using your iPhone, then Jobs’ Mob will get a cut.

It is a sign of Apple’s arrogance that it believes that councils and shops will install technology that will enable Jobs’ Mob to take a cut of their transactions. Iphones are not that universal that everyone has one. All someone will need to do is come up with an App to allow contactless payments on Android, Symbian and Windows 7 phones and Apple will be cut out of the picture.