Apple could be considering Intel's Light Peak

The Apple rumour mill is spinning at least 100 mph, with the grapevine muttering that MacBook Pro shipments are falling to three to five days – which could be indicative of a line-up refresh.

According to Apple Insider, as well as delaying shipment times for US orders of its business based notebooks, which usually take around 24 hours, the company has also ordered dealers to refrain from opening sealed pallet shipments.

Both these incidents suggest Apple is gearing up for some new product releases. Further evidence points to five models discovered in Best Buy’s inventory system.

CNET sources have hinted that Apple is also planning to make an announcement, soon, about high-speed connection technology in its expensive and shiny kit.  

That’s rumoured to be Intel’s Light Peak. It’s a technology which connects a range of devices to PCs using fibre-optic lines. It’s said to give devices using it a speedy edge over competitors as it’s faster than USB 3.0, and can carry data at 10 gigabits per second.

Of course we can’t be sure that this is a dead cert, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the tight-lipped Apple.