Apple considering AMD Fusion in desktops

Apple appears to have snubbed Intel again by using AMD’s forthcoming Fusion platform in its all-in-ones.

According to Fudzilla, a slide from the company’s Analyst Day showed a pair of iMac all-in-one machines alongside a Mac Pro underneath an Apple logo.  What is interesting is the AMD Fusion branding that appears aside it.

Nothing has been announced but it is entirely possible that Apple could be looking to use AMD’s Fusion platform for its desktop machines.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has thumbed its nose at Intel, which has powered Apple machines, having reportedly selected Qualcomm over Infineon to make 3G wireless chips for the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 following Intel’s takeover of the firm.

Now it is thought that AMD’s Fusion APU products, combining high performance CPU with a DirectX 11 and OpenGL compatible GPU on a single die, will replace Intel inside Apple’s product, a potentially massive snub for Intel.

* AMD penned us a billet doux that said: “We just wanted to let you know all of the slides from AMD’s Financial Analyst Day included the AMD Fusion corporate logo and Emilio Ghilardi’s slide was merely meant to convey that Apple iMacs and MacPros use AMD Radeon graphics. Nothing more than this.”