Apple calls in Intel, Qualcomm to help in Aussie Samsung patent spat

Two of the biggest players in the chip sector, Intel and Qualcomm, have provided US lawyers with source code which Apple hopes will get it out of a tight spot in its patent row with Samsung.

According to Apple lawyer Andrew Fox, Intel and Qualcomm both gave US lawyers the source code. Apple is now presenting this, with Intel and Qualcomm’s permission, in Australian courts.

Fox said in a hearing that the source code disclosure will lead to “further non-infringing arguments”, according to Bloomberg.   

Samsung and Apple had a major fall-out when Samsung started producing mobile hardware that actually gave Apple a run for its money. Coupled with ex Apple boss Steve Jobs’ hatred for Google’s Android, it was no surprise that Cupertino began frothing at the mouth.

Apple fired the first shot and the two have been locked in a patent battle ever since. Samsung has been filing counter-claims against Apple around the world, too.

Apple did successfully push Samsung out of the Australian market, managing to bar the Galaxy 10.1 tablet for sale Down Under. Unfortunately for Apple, this proved effective advertising for Samsung as Australian customers thought they were missing out on an excellent product and started buying abroad. 

Australia’s Justice Annabelle Bennett admitted that the trial is complex, and she is now considering looking for a third party, court-appointed expert for further testimony.