Apple admits it has problems with its bottoms

While Apple continues to claim that it is designs are the most innovative in the world, it has to admit that it is having a problem with its bottoms.

Apple has launched a new program to help unibody white MacBook owners problems with their bottoms and replace them if they are too loose.

The MacBook Bottom Case Replacement Program gives the user a replacement bottom if his soft rubber coating separates from the aluminium plate.

Flabby bottoms have been a problem for the unibody white MacBook since October. Apple decided it would be smug and get rid of the usual rubber bumpers that adorn the bottom of most Apple notebooks.

It stuck a skid-resistant soft rubber, the same material used on the bottom of the Airport Extreme and older generation Mac minis.

According to Apple, fanboys have become seperated from their bottoms under certain circumstances and it happens within a period of two years from the date of purchas Apple will replace the fanboy’s bottom for free.

It is only Macs which were issued between October 2009 and April 2011 because loose bottoms are now nailed in manufacturing.

Loose bottomed fanboys can now have an Apple Genius tinker with their bottoms, or simply order a replacement part online. The replacement kit comes complete with something to screw in your bottom and a Philips driver.