Apple about to kill the Pro

It is starting to look like Apple is about to give up on the Macbook Pro.

For a while, Jobs’ Mob has not been upgrading the spec of the Macbook, leading many fanboys to tear their hair and stamp on their rabbits.

Apple had been promising to introduce radically redesigned MacBook Pro models this year and the talk was that it would borrow some of the super-thin design the company had used with its MacBook Air.

Now, Apple Insider has heard rumours of a larger 15-inch MacBook Air surfacing, and is fairly certain that Apple is gearing up to launch a larger ultraportable notebook in April which will kill off the Pro.

Its deepthroat said that thin-and-light notebook would be similar to current MacBook Air models, with ports on both sides and no optical drive or ethernet port.

This vendor thinks that the new 15-inch MacBook Air would effectively kill the MacBook Pro for the average consumer. The idea seems to be that the new MacBook Air could even replace the 15-inch MacBook Pro, leaving the “Pro” moniker only to Apple’s high-end 17-inch model.

This would mean that Apple is not so much going to make its Pros look like Airs, but simply make the Airs act a little more like Pros.

If Apple runs true to form the higher-volume 15-inch notebook would be the first to see a revamp, and a 17-inch model is expected to be introduced about three months afterwards.

It is not clear what Apple will be calling them – a “Pro” or an Air.”

Apple has a big interest in issuing machines that lack optical drives. This will mean that users become more dependant on the digital distribution of software through the Mac App Store and Jobs’ Mob’s Cloud services.