Apple abandons green image

Apple has given up on an important green standard because its products would continually fail to meet the requirements.

Jobs’ Mob, which has been cited for using suppliers which dump shedloads of toxic waste in China, has had enough of the nonprofit EPEAT group.

EPEAT has a certification process which is used by US government departments and some universities.

Apple, which loves to market itself as green, and the friend of dolphins whales and polar bears, says that it simply cannot meet the standards of the certification process.

So far 39 of Apple’s products had received EPEAT’s green stamp of approval but one of the requirements of EPEAT is that electronics gear should be able to be unscrewed so that it can be broken down during e-waste recycling.

Apple on the other hand wants to force its customers to take their toys to Apple shops to be repaired. It has glued down its backs so that customers can’t even install a battery without paying a genius at an Apple store to do it for them.

According to CNET, Apple feels that scenario is more important than being green and saving any polar bears.

In a desperate bit of spin, Apple has said that it will bring in its own environmental standard. It will be designed to re-assure fanboys that their products are actually green by saying “we meet our own environmental standard”.

While this “trust us not to screw up the planet” approach might work with Apple fanboys it is certainly not going to cut any ice with US government departments.

The US government requires that 95 percent of its electronics bear the EPEAT seal of approval and large companies such as Ford and Kaiser Permanente require their CIOs to buy from EPEAT-certified firms.

Most of the world’s largest universities prefer to buy EPEAT-friendly gear so this means that Apple has to ignore these customers to drop the standard.

Still, we have to applaud Apple for stopping pretending that its products are eco-friendly.  It is just another part of the reality distortion field which has fallen lately.