AMD/ATI ''Barts'' GPU Specs Leaked

Snaps of what is claimed to be AMD’s next next generation of its GPU, have been leaked onto the world wide wibble.

The source appears to come from China, where a lot of the good leaks are coming from these days. In the Middle Ages the best leaks came from Wales.

If it is true then this is the board that will see the light of day as the Radeon HD 6000 series.

TechPowerUp has been keeping an eye on what’s posted on Chinese site ChipHell, and has pictures of what could be the XT version of Barts.

More interesting is a presentation slide that AMD shared with one of its partners.

The leaks show that the HD 6000 Series will be based on the 40nm technology which is the same as the HD 5000 line.

The feature set will remain unchanged, Barts has 32 ROP units (Raster Operations Unit) and a simpler design.

The 1GB of GDDR5 memory is placed on a 256-bit interface, and this drastically increases the bandwidth. These SIMD units are spread across two blocks as is implied by the “Cypress Dual Engine Architecture”.

There will be a Pro and XT version of Barts-based cards, a HD 6×50 and a HD 6×70. The memory will be clocked at 1,000 MHz for the Pro and and 1,200 MHz for the XT.

This all should give a memory bandwidth which is twice as high as existing cards.

Power consumption in the Pro variant of the video controller will be under 150W, while the XT will be higher than 150W.

It looks like the boards will target the GeForce GTX 460 768 MB and GTX 460 1GB, so the prices will be about the same.