AMD switches server arrays to jumping jack Flash

AMD has replaced all its server hard drives with solid state Flash storage arrays in what is being seen as similar to spinning drives going the way of the Spinning Jenny.

AMD’s System Optimisation Engineering Department is replacing 480 15k/RPM drives and installing WhipTail solid state storage arrays instead. The big idea is that it will eliminate slow response times associated with traditional storage arrays.

The fabless chipmaker is reporting that since it installed the drives it has seen a 50 times improvement in latency and a 40 percent increase in performance.

Fred Abounader, who is a Performance Systems Engineer in AMD’s System Optimisation Engineering Department said that it was a doddle to set up because WhipTail solid state array arrives pre-configured which means you don’t need an engineer spending days under the bonnet tinkering to get it right.

Abounader said that it was risky doing a hardware upgrade like this because the technology is all new.

WhipTail drives are standalone SSD array architecture  as opposed to other forms of SSD architectures that are becoming obsolete and don’t tie AMD in to the outdated hard disk drive technology, he said.,

Each WhipTail flash-based storage array supports up to 12TB of MLC flash in an industry standard rack-mounted 2U form factor.