AMD releases desktop version of APU

Fabless chipmaker AMD has released its next generation Lynx desktop version of its Fusion laptop APU.

The quad-core, 2.9GHz A8-3850 will set you back $135 and the 2.6GHz A6-3650 will cost $115. They should both appear in stores today.

They will need a motherboard which uses  AMD’s A75 and A55 chipsets. The Fusion range is similar to Chipzilla’s Sandy Bridge and uses a graphics-processing core under the bonnet of the CPU.

This means that the design is more power efficient than separate CPU and GPU chips and is faster because of tighter integration. They use a 32-nanometer manufacturing process.

Early reviews show that the chip trails Intel’s similarly priced Core i3 2100 on most productivity applications, but whips the floor with Intel when it comes to gaming. In other words it is much better at graphics than the Intel machines.

AMD wants these chips to be part of its desktop plans for the $400 to $600 price range. So far there have been no major vendors who have signed up to them, although we are expecting to hear something from HP soon.

HP was pretty quick to announce that it would add Fusion to its new HP ProBook 5330m.