AMD pushes its open physics initiative

Chip firm AMD said that it has beefed up support for its “open physics” initiative by giving developers access to a new version of Pixelux’ Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) physics simulation.

Pixelux has also integrated the DMM with Bullet Physics and, explained AMD, that means developers can integrate physics simulation into games running on both OpenCL and Direct Compute.

Both DMM and Bullet will work with Trinigy’s Vision Engine for creating and visualising physics offerings in a game.

Bullet Physics is now the default rigid body physics system with the DMM2 material physics engine. AMD will sponsor free DMM2 for PCs – so there’s no licence fee for development or production while it has all of the features of the premium version.

AMD said it has also developed parallel graphics processor accelereted implementation of Bullet Physics Smoothed Particle Hydronamics Fluids and Soft Bodies/Cloth. The code is written in OpenCL and Direct Contribute and will be open sourced.